Used Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Save With Used Commercial Kitchen Hoods

If you own a restaurant or are thinking about opening one, you may want to consider used commercial kitchen hoods. New hoods can be very expensive so more and more people are turning to buying used. If you were to buy an Island Used Commercial Kitchen Hoods style hood new, you may pay around $3,500. You can go online and find a used one for a fraction of that cost. You can get it for around $800.00. They may come with some scratches or dings in them and missing some hardware but you can save a lot of cash by getting this used.

Some other used commercial kitchen hoods that are popular would be the 4 foot exhaust hood. This comes with a back exhaust, top exhaust, and a light fixture. Used Commercial Kitchen Hoods This type can be bought used for around $500.00. Again, since this is used it may have scratches, dents, and may need additional components for operation. This would make an excellent addition to a commercial kitchen.

The eight foot commercial exhaust hood works great for smaller restaurants. This is big and bulky but once it is in, you will be glad you bought it. Just like buying anything used, make sure you read the description of what comes with the hood and what you will need to buy to make it in working order. Most of the time a person can go on the Internet and find the pieces that is needed at a good price. Buying used can save a person thousands of dollars.

Looking for something a little bigger in used commercial kitchen hoods can be just as easy to find online. The 8 foot commercial kitchen grease exhaust hood is attractive and easy to clean stainless steel. The filter screen compartment will hold 10 screens. It has 4 light fixtures. It is best to have this type of hood connected to the power source by a professional to ensure it is set up right. This hood is heavy and weighs about 655 pounds, it is heavier and larger than a lot of hoods so this works great in a large kitchen.

Used Commercial Kitchen Hoods

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